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Software to Make Your Life Easier

We believe software as a service products should be easy to use and add value to your fundraising processes. We work hard to make our products simple and easy to use for all users - the school or PTO leaders, parents and students for their teams, and perhaps most importantly, for the countless and selfless donors that make your fundraising drives successful.  Our software is safe, private, and very cost effective for schools and PTO's that depend on community engagement.


Rigorous Testing

Our products are exhaustively tested throughout our development cycles.  We partner with many people at many levels of organizations and technical interest so our solutions are easy to use and do exactly what you need them to do for you every time. 


Private and Secure

The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. We think you shouldn't worry about what happens to your data, or the data of your donors and partners.  Trash Panda Solutions collects the bare minimum amount of data needed to provide services. Your data is your data.  We will never share your data with anyone, and there are no hidden "opt out" or automatic "opt in" services so common on many other platforms.  We developed our products on secure platforms and with secure practices to maintain customer safety at every turn.

TPS Fundraiser

Online Donations Made Easy


We designed this product specifically for parent teacher associations and organizations (as associated non-profits) to do direct drive online fundraising.  Avoid expensive products and high "sales goals" for students by doing your own fundraising drive where you can keep more than 95% of the gross revenue.

Easy administration for organizational leaders


We make it easy for your organization's leaders to manage events and organize teams.

Easy reporting on your event


Easy to view dashboards and reporting for your donors to your drive.  If you want more information, just export to a spreadsheet!

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